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Direct Commercial Controllers

T- Series Advanced Direct/Top-up Rainwater Controller The 3P RainForce T Series commercial Rainwater Controller performs all the functions you would expect of a commercial system such as adjustable pressure, duty standby/assist and BMS output, whilst remaining extremely compact. Pressure control is achieved by modulation of the pumps which are run as required to maintain pressure […]

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tca5000950 Electronic Mains Water Top-up kit with Pump Isolation and Alarm

Top-Up Controller TCA5000950 Electronic Mains Water Top-up Kit

Electronic Mains Water Top-up Kit with Pump Isolation and Alarm Automatic mains water top-up Controller kit for rainwater tanks.  Incorporates electronic leak detection routine, preventing undue consumption of mains water. This is our top seller for domestic systems, thousands sold in the UK since 2003. Electronic control of mains water top-up and pump for domestic […]

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