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Calmed Inlets

Carrying out the second cleaning step in the rainwater tank, the calmed inlet is designed to prevent water from becoming stained and odorous, and avoid disturbing sediment at the bottom of the tank ensuring the best possible water quality. How it works Rainwater flows into the calmed inlet; As the water flows through the calmed inlet, its […]

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Floating Intakes

3P Floating Intakes are the fourth part of the cleaning process in the rainwater tank. The 3P Floating Intakes ensure that no water directly from the surface (which is often charged with a film of grease and powder) can be sucked in. Floating intakes are  suspended just below the water surface where the cleanest water lies. […]

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Commercial Controllers

3P Technik UK have for over 5 years invested in the exhaustive testing and development of our own range of white label controllers. These are manufactured, programmed and assembled here in Wales. Many of these are programmed by 3P UK staff for client led bespoke solutions. We are always happy to consider new client requests. Our philosophy […]

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