Pneumatic Level Gauge

Pneumatic level gauge with large display


• Simple Calibration
• Fits Tanks 1m to 3m Deep
• Easy to Maintain
• Large, Easy to Read Display


Accurate Rainwater Tank Level Measurement

The 3P Pneumatic Gauge measures the stored water level in your rainwater tank remotely, giving an accurate analogue reading in a convenient location on it’s large easy to read dial.

The gauge works pneumatically, measuring the liquid pressure near the bottom of the rainwater storage tank and displaying a filled percentage on the gauge dial.

With a proper air-tight installation of the measuring line the 3P Pneumatic Gauge’s dial will continue to show the last reading over a long period of time.

Wall Mountable Dial

The 3P Pneumatic Gauge’s dial comes with wall fixing screws for installation in a convenient place up to 50 metres from the tank. 10 meters of measuring line are included, this can be extended using a longer measuring line and coupler (not supplied).

The only connection between the dial and the tank is the measuring line, the end of which should be set approximately 20 mm above the tank bottom.


Simple Calibration

The 3P Pneumatic Gauge can be set to measure a tank depth of between 1 and 3 meters. It includes a small in-built pump which is used to empty the measuring line of liquid.
Once calibrated the gauge will give a stable reading, so long as the water level in the tank is not changing rapidly. The 3P Pneumatic Gauge comes with a full instruction manual.

Reference Pointer

The 3P Pneumatic Gauge includes a reference pointer which can be adjusted manually. This serves as a reference marker for consumption control and monitoring purposes.