Hydro Filter Drain

The Hydro Filter Drains are able to filter and bind pollutants like PAHs, HCs, heavy metals like Cd, Zn, Cu, Pb as well as phosphate and ammonium. The pollutants then can be disposed of specifically and easily. Therefore the stormwater of highly frequented roads (parking sites and roads), industrial estates and metal roofs can be cleaned directly on site and can be drained away or discharged to surface water.

How it worksHow the Hydro Filter Drain removes pollution from street gulleys

Modular design for ecological line drainage based on a standard 300mm channel width. Planners are do not have to make significant alternations in the drainage plan if they want to treat the water with the Hydro Filter Drainage channels.

  1. The sedimentation box removes coarse solids such as stones, leaves and suspended particles on. The rubber seal ensures a water tight seal is maintained – for the reliable differentiation for subsequent filtration.
  2. The pre-treated rainwater passes through the granular-filter-pad where the organic and inorganic pollutants are removed from the water.
  3. The filtered water flows over the baffle into the free flow area of the channel. The water can then be reusede or discharged to surface or ground water via infiltration.

Further Information

Hydro Filter Drain Brochure

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