HydroShark – Particle Separator

Hyrdoshark DN1000 Particle Separator from 3P TechnikThe 3P HydroShark® particle separator removes  suspended solids (SS) from the stormwater runoff. This patented and certified proprietary treatment device protects surface water and groundwater infiltration systems. NJDEP certification. This device meets and exceeds all German stormwater treatment standards under DWA M153 D24 and D25. It can be used on-line or off-line, and with or without an external by-pass unit.

In plastic or concrete chambers. Ideal in a water quality  treatment train. Simple to deploy, simple to maintain.

The incoming storm water is deflected into a radial flow pattern via a submerged plate. The vortex set up generates the so-called teacup effect, allowing sedimentation of suspended particles to take place. The particles sink and settle into the sludge trap below.  This chamber is hydraulically isolated from the main flow chamber by means of a flow breaker grate and baffle walls. Remobilisation of the settled solids during heavy rainfall events is impossible and is tested and certified as such.

The cleaned water in the outer ring of the system flows evenly upwards. A balancing toothed weir ensures that a homogeneous even flow pathway prevails and that there are no short circuit currents in the system.  Lightweight materials such as oils or pollen are effectively retained because they cannot submerge beneath the separator wall. There is no head loss between the inlet and outlet pipes. The system cannot air lock. The 3P HydroShark® can be deployed to treat water from all surfaces,  roof areas, car parks, roads, runways and commercial and industrial areas. Can be used to meet Simple Index from CIRIS SUDS Manual recommendations. See Simple Index Approach in Chapter 26 of C753.

Five sizes of 3P HydroShark® available, HSK1000, HSK1500, HSK2000, HSK2500, HSK3000.

How the HydroShark particle separator from 3P Technik WorksHow it works

  1. The incoming storm water is deflected into a radial flow pattern.
  2. Solids settle down into the sludge chamber, floatables are retained at the surface.
  3. Solids are retained in the sludge chamber below the treatment chamber. Remobilisation of retained solids is not possible, flow baffles and an isolation grill prevent this.
  4. Cleaned water flows up the outer chamber in an even flow distribution.
  5. Water flows over the toothed balancing weir to the annular space surrounding the treatment chamber.
  6. Clean treated storm water passes to the outlet, and to discharge to the water environment.

Technical Overview

Shaft Diameter (m)11.522.53
Connection DN (mm)200300350400500
Max Flow Rate (l/s)4098147220378

Further Information

More information is available and new projects are always underway.  3P HydroShark is sold through a small selected network of 3P Technik UK approved suppliers.

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