3P Technik is an established EU wide market leader in stormwater filtration systems. The concepts are perhaps newer in the UK and to a lesser degree in RoI. To date there has been a focus on grit separators, often using Vortex based chambers to “spin” the heavier sediments out of suspension.

The EU and so the UK standards require runoff from highways, busy car parks and industrial areas to remove a wide range of contaminants, including heavy metals such as zinc and copper.  In  countries like Germany, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, tight standards are imposed on runoff to protect both surface waters and groundwaters alike.

To do this it is necessary to focus on finer particles. This means including particles finer than 64 microns. Treatment involves removing silts and clays, as well as the dissolved phases of metal contaminants. Many older particle separation devices cannot remove fine particles. Or they only do it for a while. Or disastrously they simply release the bound heavy metals once road salt comes into contact with the retained sediments, creating a huge spike in contamination.

All 3P products are designed and certified to perform. Our range is extensive and ever developing. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your particular requirements. 3P UK were corresponding members of the British Water Treatment Devices Technical Standardisation Group. Our UK sales partners can supply units to site fabricated to meet bespoke site design solutions.

We are delighted to see the Welsh Govt standards on water management released, usefully setting a benchmark for water re-use. Full details are here:



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