3P Technik UK‘s wide range of rainwater harvesting, mains top-up, level control and pump controllers are under constant development by our innovative engineers. The controllers can operate any type of pump or fluid. There are complex multi-pump and/or multi-tank Controllers, through to basic timer Controllers. They are ideal deployed with above ground tanks, or where one tank needs to feed another tank, or to balance tank levels.

The fault tracking and site level configurability are class leading.

The ability to control multiple tanks levels makes their use in below ground water storage systems particularly useful. With most of our Controllers, there is no need for man entry to fit float switches inside water tanks and chambers.

Our Controllers are truly safe and flexible products to deploy. The software is our own code, on an upgradable chip, and mounted on our own PCB. This gives you total assurance as to our after sales support.

When operating in conjunction with our connectors, the electronic controllers fit seamlessly into our rainwater harvesting systems.

We can also recondition and refurbish rainwater controllers from other manufacturers.

Rainwater Harvesting Controllers

We understand how to manage and control rainwater for use in your home, farm or business premises. Whether you want to be totally off grid in your water use or expect to top-up your harvested rainwater with mains water we have a controller that is suitable for you.

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Tank Level Control

Keep the water in your Tank at the level you need and/or at the time you need with our range of Tank Level Controllers.

Various Controllers that work in conjunction with Float Switches or Level Switches and your pump to drain or fill your water tank (or both), as demanded or on a timed basis.

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Pump Controllers

Pressure Control of single or multiple pumps from one controller. Fixed speed and variable speed options.

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3 Phase DOL Controllers and Adapters

Direct On Line (DOL) Motor Starters and Controllers for single or multiple pumps.

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Display and Alarm Systems

Various alarms for pump status or tank levels with audible, visual alerts along with output to BMS systems.

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