HydroSystem 1500 – Stormwater Treatment Device

Enhanced stormwater treatment device for polluted runoff from roads, car parks, metal roofs, industrial sites and aritifical sports pitches. Connectable surface area from 1000 to 2000m2 depending on contamination level of the runoff. For installation in either concrete or plastic chambers within 1500mm shafts. DIBt approved.

The treatment device combines a hydrodynamic separator with a filter unit. This two step treatment train within the one unit removes solids and dissolved substances from stormwater. There is virtually no footprint because the system can be installed below car parks or roads.

The cleaned water can be discharged directly into infiltration facilities or surface waters.

Stormwater Treatment Device – How it works

Hydrosystem 1500 Stormwater Treatment Device shown here installed in a concrete chamber.

Hydrosystem 1500 shown here installed in a concrete chamber.

  1. The stormwater runoff is directed into the lower section of the system. The angled inlet generates a radial flow pattern.
  2. The hydrodynamic separator promotes particle sedimentation, particularly of the sand and silt fraction.
  3. The sediment is retained in a silt trap chamber below the separator. The silt trap needs to be emptied out at site specific intervals.
  4. The water has to pass an upflow filter device built of five cartridges. Different filter media is available for any sites. In the filter element filtration adsorption and precipitation takes place. The filter cartridges can be backwashed.
  5. The filter elements can be exchanged through the shaft opening.
  6. The treated water passes via an oil baffle and leaves the system by the outlet.

Further information

HydroSystem 1500 Brochure

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