Tank Level Control

Keep the water in your Tank at the level you need and/or at the time you need with our range of Tank Level Controllers.

Various Controllers that work in conjunction with Float Switches or Level Switches and your pump to drain or fill your water tank (or both), as demanded or on a timed basis.

Level Control/Mains Water Top-up Kit

TCS5 Series

A simple, compact and reliable mains water top-up controller with optional pump isolation versions too, for both direct pressurised, and indirect (header tank) rainwater systems. All TCS5 controllers are designed to work in conjunction with an automatic pump. Low voltage options for irrigation applications.

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Smart Header/Break Tank Controller

TSR Series – Electronic Header Tank Controllers with Emergency Shut-off.

A replacement for float switch or ball valve control allowing a header tank to be filled at high speed and vastly improved efficiency compared with twin ball-cock systems.

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Single/Twin Tank Level Controller

TC Series – Level based pump/valve control. Single/Twin water tank level controller

The 3P TC Series Tank Controller maintains and monitors the level of water in a storage tank. A precise level sensing probe detects the exact height of water present in the tank. The electronic Controller then uses any of four mains voltage outputs which can be connected to pumps, solenoids, motorised valves or any other type of filling or draining device to maintain the level between defined limits.

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Time Controlled Tank Level Switch

TCS9 – Time controlled tank level switch for scheduled tank filling/drainage

The TCS9 Time Controlled Level Switch is designed for use with tank level control applications such as the filling or emptying of a tank that is being controlled by a float or level switch. The TCS9 has the ability to limit activity by time or day (7 day timer). It is designed for applications in which the filling or emptying of a tank must be allowed only within one or more controlled time windows in a scheduling cycle lasting up to 7 days. It is useful for sites where limited water pressure or pipe size require restricted operation of high flows at times of peak demand or where noise restrictions disallow the operating of pumps or valves at night. It can also be used to control the availability of a switch controlled pump or valve where access to pumping should be limited to business operating hours such as tanker filling, etc.

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