TCS9-Series Time Controlled Tank Level Switch

3P TCS9 Series Time Controlled Level Switch Controller

Time Controlled Tank Level Switch


The TCS9 Time Controlled Level Switch is designed for use with tank level control applications such as the filling or emptying of a tank that is being controlled by a float or level switch. The TCS9 has the ability to limit activity by time or day (7 day timer). It is designed for applications in which the filling or emptying of a tank must be allowed only within one or more controlled time windows in a scheduling cycle lasting up to 7 days. It is useful for sites where limited water pressure or pipe size require restricted operation of high flows at times of peak demand or where noise restrictions disallow the operating of pumps or valves at night. It can also be used to control the availability of a switch controlled pump or valve where access to pumping should be limited to business operating hours such as tanker filling, etc.

A 20 Amp switching capacity allows the connection of larger appliances than a normal float switch, and without the voltage loss associated with long lengths of cable to a float switch, allowing the float switch to be extended to very long distances without loss of performance at the connected appliance.

It is ideal for use with water and liquid storage tanks, chemical storage and dispensing, diesel tanks, bowsers, tankers and other uses.

In addition to the programmable timer function a manual over-ride setting allows operation to be enabled or disabled manually, so the unit can be set to always operate or never operate regardless of the programmed timer settings.
In the event of a power outage, timer settings will be retained for up to 200 hours by an on-board rechargeable battery integrated into the timer module. Time of day will also update as normal so there is no resetting or re-programming required and no loss of time normally associated with mechanical timers.

Modular assembly with easily replaceable parts.

Also available with a secondary over-ride float switch to initiate emergency level top-up or drain regardless of timing.

Float switch length does not contribute to voltage drop and does not affect maximum connectable load.



  • Works with float switches and level switches.
  • Timed operation with 7 day scheduling.
  • Supplied with or without 2m float switch.
  • Max 20A output load 1~230vac.
  • LCD Display and push button programming.
  • 3 way manual override, on – off – auto.
  • Waterproof front cover.
  • Minimum time interval 1 minute.
  • Double Pole Output Switching.
  • Control of Pumps, Solenoids and Motorised Valves.


TCS9 Series Overview

CODEFloat SwitchPump Output
TCS9JBNone10A 1~230vac
TCS9JB12m10A 1~230vac