Hydro Gulley (Buda Vinci)

The road gulley with integrated water protection:

  • sustainably treats runoff from roads and other traffic areas at source
  • reduces the spatial requirements for stormwater treatment to a minimum
  • suitable for new and existing drainage systems
  • easy maintenance comparable to traditional road gulleys
  • ecologically and economically unbeatable

How it worksHow the HydroGulley System for road run off pollution works

  1. A conventional filter basket (DIN 4052-B1) provides for the retention of coarse materials such as leaves, branches, or cigarette butts
  2. The rainwater is directed into the outer calm sludge trap.
  3. In outer sludge trap, there is a pre-sedimentation. Coarse solids sink to the bottom and accumulate there.
  4. The accumulated water flows into the BUDAVINCI ®. From there the water passes over the two outside of the system spirally downwardly extending channels in a central treatment area. The channels hereby are arranged that the turbulence of the water is minimized by the flow path and forming downwardly laminar flow conditions.
  5. Out of these channels the water is introduced tangentially into the treatment room. In here solids and the socialized pollutants downward by gravity to be knocked off in a sludge trap.
  6. The sludge flow is calmed, so in there is no danger of back solution of solids in storm.
  7. Through a central filter element the dissolved substances are removed from the water. The filter body is constructed in several stages. It can be maintained and replaced easily.
  8. The purified water leaves the system and can be discharged directly to surface waters. The cleaning performance is similar to a living soil zone.
  9. For types N and E a lateral emergency overflow allows one free backwater runoff during heavy rainfall events, so that it will never come to a back pressure dewatering to the surface and the road safety is ensured.

Types of Street Gulley Filters

Filter TypeMax Run-off Surface AreaMax Treatment FlowratePollutant TreatmentDisaster Support
Gulley N 300-400m2 0.6l/s Particular substances up to 80%
Oil up to 95%
 15l oil
Gulley E Up to 200m2 0.4l/s Particular substances up to 90%
Oil up to 95%
 15l oil
Gulley Z Up to 100m2 0.4l/s Particular substances up to 95%
Oil up to 95%
 15l oil

Further Information

Hydro Gulley (Buda Vinci) Brochure

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