Taps, Holesaws & Flat Bits

Metal Taps

¾” Metal Bib Taps


We supply chrome & brass bib taps for ¾” threaded BSP ports with removable hose-tail adapters & PTFE tape.

Product Codes

  • Brass Tap ¾” – 9000176T
  • Chrome Tap ¾” – 9000175T
  • Brass Tap ¾” – Retail Packaging – 9000176
  • Chrome Tap ¾” – Retail Packaging – 9000175

7000539 plastic tap

¾” Plastic High Flow Tap


Hi-flow, anti-glug, ¾” plastic water butt taps, with backnut. As supplied with the 3P Wall Tank. Fits all ¾” BSP ports.

Product Code

  • 7000539

0401445 tap lockable 0

½” Lockable Tap


This lockable chrome-plated brass tap is supplied with a removable hose-tail adapter. A Small padlock will be required for locking.

Product Code

  • 0401445

0401296 tap quarter turn 0

½”/¾” Quarter Turn Tap


Our chrome-plated brass taps with large, easy-turn, quarter-turn handles are fitted with a removable hose-tail adapter. The taps are made to fit all ½” or ¾” BSP ports.

Product Code

  • Quarter Turn Tap ½” – 0401295
  • Quarter Turn Tap ¾” – 0401296

9100278 32mm Flat Bit

28 mm/32 mm Flat Bit


Our flat drill bits can be used to cut holes in any water butt or rain tank.

Product Codes

  • 28 mm – 9100278 (to fit a tap with a ¾” thread)
  • 32 mm – 9100277 (to fit a tap with 1″ thread as used with the Filter Collector Universal)

9000276 Holesaw Set with rubber grommets

Holesaw Set with Rubber Grommets


The Holesaw set for cutting connection holes into all types of tanks is supplied with cutting heads of 25 mm, 32 mm, 45 mm and 58 mm diameter.

The Set comes complete with 2 rubber grommets for use with our DN32 and DN50 pipes.

To directly connect a 3P Filter Collector to a 3P Technik Wall Tank, use the DN50 seal.

Product Code

  • 9000276

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