HydroSystem1000 SUDS Multi-process Treatment Device

Multi-process Hard SUDS stormwater treatment device, four treatment stages.  Connectable surface area 500 to 1000m2 depending on contamination loading from the runoff.   Extendable connected area, after SUDS flow control devices.  Fully DIBt Approved. See Ch 14 SuDS manual, multi process, multi stage treatment process device. For installation within standard DN1000 chambers of concrete and PE.

How the Hydrosystem 1000 works to clean pollutants from road run-offMulti-process SUDS Treatment Device Stages

  1. The stormwater from the connected area is fed into the inlet, at the lower end of the shaft. A deflector plate sets up a radial/vortex flow.
  2. Sedimentation of particles, especially of the silt and sand faction takes place in the hydrodynamic particle separator. This is due to turbulent secondary flows within a radial laminar flow regime. Vortex separation, proven water treatment technology.
  3. The settled solids are fully retained (DiBT proven). They are evacuated via the central by-pass tube periodically at site specific intervals.
  4. Four multi-process filter elements are located within the HydroSystem filtration stage.  As the waters flow upwards the finer particles are filtered out, whilst the dissolved pollutants are precipitated and absorbed. The multi-process filter is easily back-washed, and if completely clogged or exhausted, is easily replaced. Metals once bound cannot be remobilised from the filters by road salts in the incoming stormwater, DiBT proven.
  5. Clean water above the filter elements passes to discharge via an oil trap/floatables assembly.  Normal concentrations of dissolved oils are fully retained within the filter elements. Discharged to ground or surface waters in a SUDS system or other green infrastructure.

HS1000 Stormwater Treatment Device range:

Filter TypeProduct-No.Nature of the Run-off SurfaceRun-off Surface Area
Traffic3100110Slightly polluted traffic areas (side streets, staff car parks, yards)750m²
Heavy Traffic3100120Highly polluted traffic areas (supermarket car parks, main roads, HGV access roads)500m²
Roof3100100Roofs without a significant proportion of uncoated metals (<50m²)1000m²
Metal3100130Roofs made with uncoated metals (copper, zinc, lead). Also ideal for treatment of metal processing and galvanising yards.500m²

Further Information

HydroSystem 1000 Brochure

New projects are always underway combing this Hard SUDS multi-process Treatment Device with green infrastructure in SUDS treatment trains across the UK.

If you require information on our DiBT certified, tested and proven SUDS water quality Stormwater products please contact us or call us on 01239 623506.

Our DiBT approved stormwater products are supplied through a small selection of trained partners.

The 3P HydroSystem multi-process multi stage treatment devices fully pass the DiBT standard, as referenced in the CIRIA SuDS manual (see Ch 14 Part D: Technical Detail,  and Ch 26, Part E: Supporting Guidance). In so doing,  they provide a certainty of performance standard that will be understood and accepted by the EA in England.

Ideal for the treatment of run off from zinc galvanizing and metal processing yards, metal recycling sites, waste amenity sites, larger car parks,  and all commercial areas.