Tank Level Warning Display

3P RCALM Series Display Panels

3P RCALM Series Display


The 3P RCALM Series Display Panels provide a highly effective low water level warning for water tanks. Alternatively float switch wiring can be reversed on the RCALM 1 and 2 Series panels to provide a high level warning instead.

Choose from a visible (light), or audible (repeating buzzer) alert or both.

Options available for outputs into Building Management Systems (BMS).

24vdc or 230vac options also available.

There are three versions of the RCALM series with further options available in each type:
Low/High level warning (amber light)
Power status (green light)
Low/High level warning (amber light/buzzer)
Full tank (green light)
Mid water level (amber light)
Low water level (red light/buzzer)



  • Visible and/or Audible Alarm
  • Low or High Water Level Warning (RCALM 1 and 2)
  • Adjustable Water Level Warning
  • Reliable Water Level Indication (RCALM3)

Included Components

  • Control panel
  • Attached mains cable
  • Installation & Operation Manual
  • Float switch or level switch (RCALM 1 & 2 only)

RCALM3 Series Required Components (not included)

2 x Float switch, at least 1 float switch must be 2 way or double acting (3 cores)
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