Capacitive Level Gauge

Electronic Level Gauge for all tank shapes and sizes

• Accurate digital reading
• Simple installation
• Available in two models for tanks up to 3m and 6m depth
• Low Working Maintenance
• Models for all common tank shapes


Accurate Rainwater Tank Level Measurement

The  3P  Electronic  Gauge  measures  the  stored water  level   in  your  rainwater   tank,  giving   a continuous  and  accurate  digital  reading  on  the control unit’s faceplate.
The read-out is given clearly by a line of LEDs:

Fits  your tank shape

The 3P Electronic Gauge is suitable for all tank shapes and materials.  It can be pre-set to give an extremely accurate measurement in different tank shapes: vertical cylinder, horizontal cylinder and spherical tank shapes.

Fits your tank depth

Available in a Standard model for tanks to 3 metres deep, or in a Maximum model for tanks from 3 to 6 metres deep.
Simply choose your model and use the fine adjuster on the control unit faceplate to calibrate the unit to your tank’s maximum depth.

Wall Mountable

The 3P Electronic gauge comes with wall fixing screws for installation in a convenient place up to
20 metres away (extendable to 200 metres) from the sensor box.

Safe System

The gauge in and near the rainwater tank operates at a safe low  voltage of 12V DC.