Rainforce T-Series

Commercial rainwater control systems for direct pressure installations.

A dedicated (not panel-built or PLC based) control panel. Compact, low power consumption, silent, fault tolerant, with advanced features.


  • Adjustable presure control
  • Auto, Mains Water Only, and Rainwater Only Modes
  • Clear Backlit 4 line LCD display
  • Tank level functions controlled by single pressure sensor (no float switch setting – all adjustments made in software)
  • Duty Standby/Duty Assist with alternation
  • Automatic pump failure detection by pressure (overcurrent detection available as optional module)
  • Automatic tank level calibration with pre-programmed default settings for pump and top-up (plug and play)
  • Pump model independent (supports any pumps up to 10A including unmatched pairs)
  • 3 Phase support via contactor module (optional)
  • BMS Switched Output (RS232 optional)
  • Advanced Fault Tracking (logs last 10 faults)
  • Auto-hunt for redundant spare on pump failure
  • Swappable MCU chip for software upgrades
  • Solenoid valve isolation on fault to prevent fire risk from overheating
  • System overpressure/underpressure alarms to protect appliances from installation/configuration errors
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Brownout protection
  • Watchdog timer
  • Individually fused outputs with 1500A rupture current fuses
  • Full UK support (designed, built, programmed and repairs to PCB level in the UK)
  • Full UK spare parts availablility (stocks held of all parts, rapid availability)

Adjustable Settings

  • Pump cut-in/cut-out pressure (each pump)
  • System overpressure alarm
  • Pump failure presure
  • Pump Mode (Pump 1,Pump 2,Twin Pump Assist/Standby)
  • Minimum Rainwater Level (dry run protection)
  • Top-up Level
  • Top-up Overfill Duration
  • Top-up Timeout Alarm
  • Pump Restart Delay
  • Fault Code Display/Erase
  • Input test diagnostic screen
  • Output test diagnostic screen
  • Manual Stop – with BMS activation
  • Restore Factory Default settings