• Rain Collector in Brown and Grey
    Rain Collector in Brown and Grey


The Rain Collector separates debris from harvested rainwater with its intelligently designed coarse filter slats.

The Rain Collector with Tap is supplied with an in-built tap to control or stop the flow of diverted water, and the Rain Collector Universal is supplied with a Universal Connector Kit. The Kit includes a back nut, rubber washer, connection hose, and stainless steel hose clips.

Technical Data

ProductColourProduct CodeKitRoof Size CompatibilityRound Downpipe Size CompatibilitySquare Downpipe Size Compatibility
Rain CollectorBrown2000130N/A50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Grey2000140N/A50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Rain Collector with TapBrown2000110N/A50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Grey2000120N/A50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Rain Collector UniversalBrown2000130UUniversal Kit50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Grey2000140UUniversal Kit50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Rain Collector Universal with TapBrown2000110UUniversal Kit50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Grey2000120UUniversal Kit50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm

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