Flat Filter 1000250


Rainwater filter for installation within rainwater tanks. The 3P Flat Filter has no height difference between the rainwater inlet and the outlet to the waste water sewer. This means there is no head-drop across the filter. The filtered rainwater is trickled directly into the water storage tank. No Calmed Inlet is required which is intended for use with Garden Watering and Irrigation Systems.

The filter surface is flat and has a large surface area. This gives a very high efficiency of water filtration at all flow rates.

Low maintenance and self cleaning as leaves and other particles are continuously washed to waste. The cleaning frequency required will depend upon the solid loading of the rainwater.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 800m².

All connections DN 150 (160mm OD)

Height difference of 0mm (zero) between rainwater inlet and waste water outlet.

Mesh size of filter is 0.7 x 1.7 mm (stainless steel mesh).

The cleaned water can be used within irrigation, garden watering, yard and vehicle washdown systems around sites for domestic homes, in commercial and public buildings, and of course,  in industrial sites and locations.

How it Works

Rainwater flows onto the filter cartridge and trickles through the flat filter into the storage tank. Because of the smooth surface structure of the filter mesh the dirt is quickly rinsed away to waste.

Technical Data

Product Code: 1000250

Filter according to DIN 1989-2, Type C

Connection inlet: DN 150 (160mm OD)
Outlet into tank: via Filter
Outlet into sewer: DN 150 (160mm OD)

Height difference between rainwater inlet and outlet 0 mm (zero).

Housing material: Polyethylene

Filter mesh: Stainless steel
Mesh size: 0.7 x 1.7 mm

Weight: 4.1 kg


1000250 Flat Trickle Filter Dimensions

1000250 Flat Trickle Filter Dimensions

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