Siphon Filter

  • Siphon Filter 1000430
    Siphon filter


Small and compact rainwater filter for the installation in rainwater tanks made of plastics or concrete.

Due to the inclined angle of the stainless steel filter sieve and its very smooth surface structure the dirt is rinsed to waste. With this filter, the overflow siphon with odour trap is already integrated.

The height difference between inlet and outlet can be adjusted between 135mm and 340mm.

The overflow is twistable to 90°.

Retro-fitting with the 3P Back-washing Device is possible. The 3P Sinus Filter is ideally suited for use in conjunction with the 3P Calmed Inlet.

Low maintenance, self cleaning, cleaning frequency depends upon the solid loading the rainwater.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 213 m².

All connections DN 100 (110mm OD)

Adjustable Height difference of 135mm – 340mm between rainwater inlet and waste water outlet.

Mesh size of stainless steel filter 0.7 x 1.7 mm.

The cleaned water can be used in washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering, in homes, in commerce, in public buildings and in industry.

How it Works

Siphon Filter 1000430 Stainless Steel Wire Filter

Siphon Filter Stainless Steel Wire Filter

  1. Rainwater is directed to the filter level
  2. Dirt is transported to waste
  3. Cleaned water is directed through the calmed inlet into the rainwater tank

Technical Data

Article No. – 1000430
Connection inlet: DN 100 (110mm OD)
Outlet into rainwater tank: DN 100 (110mm OD)
Adjustable height difference between inlet and outlet: 135mm – 340mm

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 213 m².

Housing material: Polyethylene

Material filter wedge: Stainless Steel

Mesh size: 0.7mm x 1.7mm


Siphon Filter dimensions 1000430

Siphon Filter dimensions


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