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Artificial Turf showing Rubber Crumb Infill plastic

How to stop Microplastics from Artificial Turf Sports Pitches Polluting our Oceans

Anyone who trains regularly on an artificial turf field or 3G sports pitch (or indeed has a son or daughter who does) will recognise the black ant-sized speckles of plastic that follow the player from the field to the car and then into home. The pesky microplastics from artifical turf are notorious for getting flicked […]

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stormwater pollutants near drain

SuDS Proprietary Treatment Devices – Key Issues to Consider

Chapter 26, the 2015 SuDS Manual (CIRIA publication C753, Ref 1) presents the Simple Index Approach (SIA) and Mitigation Indices for discharges to surface and groundwater (Tables 26.3 and 26.4). This useful Guidance provides for the adoption of SuDS Proprietary Treatment Devices (PTD), especially DiBT certified devices (Ref 2). Green Infrastructure SuDS components are rightly […]

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HydroShark – Advanced Hydrodynamic Particle Separator

The 3P HydroShark® Advanced Hydrodynamic Particle Separator removes suspended solids (SS or TSS) from the stormwater runoff within SUDS Treatment Trains. This patented and tested Proprietary Treatment Device protects surface water and groundwater infiltration systems.  This Manufactured Treatment Device (MTD) device meets and exceeds all German stormwater treatment standards under DWA M153 D24 and D25. […]

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3P Technik HydroSystem DIBt approved

HydroSystem1000 SUDS Multi-process Treatment Device

Multi-process Hard SUDS stormwater treatment device, four treatment stages.  Connectable surface area 500 to 1000m2 depending on contamination loading from the runoff.   Extendable connected area, after SUDS flow control devices.  Fully DIBt Approved. See Ch 14 SuDS manual, multi process, multi stage treatment process device. For installation within standard DN1000 chambers of concrete and PE. […]

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