Bespoke Pump Control Panel

Bespoke pump duty standby/assist controller with timed alternation and anti-stagnation purge

Bespoke Pump Control Panel

Bespoke Pump Control Panel

3P Technik UK was approached to supply a bespoke dual pump duty standby/assist controller for an industrial application. A specific requirement was for pump alternation not at each start-up but every 12 hours, with pumps activated by mechanical pressure switches and an hour counter for each pump.

Additionally, the client requested a solenoid to purge the entire system to be scheduled to operate at a specific time and day, with manual isolation. In this instance, the client was unable to disclose the specific application of the pump control panel. It was therefore necessary to confirm whether the bespoke pump control panel and all its components would need to be compatible with any specific conditions such as temperature, exposure/immersion, chemical compatibility, vibration and impact, tamper resistance, or electromagnetic limitations. In this case, there were no unusual requirements.

We supplied a compact steel enclosed panel with indicator lamps for Power On, operation of each pump, enablement of the purge scheduler, purge activation, and a separate non-resettable hour counter for each pump.

All control components within the panel are Din rail mounted, easily tested and replaceable, with separate connection terminals for mains power, pumps, pressure switches and purge solenoid valve.

All lamps were supplied in green as requested, cable entries were left undrilled, and glands were unfitted as per the client’s request.

3P Technik UK has a fully equipped workshop in Wales which is staffed by experienced pump control panel builders. We can offer you a complete solution to your pump control system requirements.

We specialise in bespoke and custom-built pump control panels that meet specific needs for domestic, industrial and specialist applications. We also offer panels for OEM. Full technical support is offered at all levels. Contact us.