Bespoke High-Level Alarm with Battery Backup and Audible Siren

We were approached to supply a tank-level alarm system with battery backup for a multi-unit residential building.

Bespoke High-Level Alarm with Battery Back Up and Audible Siren

Bespoke High-Level Alarm with Battery Backup and Audible Siren

3P Technik UK already supplies a range of versatile level control/alarm solutions. On this occasion, there were specific requirements.

  • Continuous monitoring of the water tank was critical to the occupation of the building.
  • The unit supplied needed to have easily visible status indicators.
  • The 101db audible siren had to be mounted externally with no manual reset (so the fault is always reported and resolved).
  • It was to run from existing level switches installed in the storage tank.
  • It needed to be able to run for several hours without mains power.
  • The status of the battery and power supply had to be monitored and clearly displayed.

In consultation with the client, we agreed that a separate uninterruptible power supply was not desirable, and a simple unmonitored or “dumb” charging system would be insufficient as it would be unable to warn of a failed battery until that failed battery was needed to perform its function.

High-Level Alarm with Battery Backup and Audible Siren

We constructed a monitoring solution in a single compact steel housing to run entirely at 24VDC. The controller uses mains power until there is a power cut when it switches seamlessly to the battery backup. A smart charge controller manages and monitors a pair of easily available and standard-sized 4AH lead acid batteries.

In addition, we ensured that the entire system used DIN rail-mounted components that are readily available and had available alternatives. The design, therefore, reduces the possibility of extended downtime due to the potential failure of any part.

The runtime of the system without mains power exceeds 24 hours, with multiple tank-level alerts and alerts for loss of mains power and battery failure.

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