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Bespoke High-Level Alarm with Battery Back Up and Audible Siren

Bespoke High-Level Alarm with Battery Backup and Audible Siren

We were approached to supply a tank-level alarm system with battery backup for a multi-unit residential building. 3P Technik UK already supplies a range of versatile level control/alarm solutions. On this occasion, there were specific requirements. Continuous monitoring of the water tank was critical to the occupation of the building.

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School Toilets

Rainwater Harvesting for Toilet Flushing in Schools, Colleges and Universities. Managing water quality in the header tank.

In this article, we explore how to manage water quality in school rainwater harvesting systems during the holidays and in gravity fed systems where the header tank water is dormant for longer periods Many education institutes in the UK have installed gravity type rainwater harvesting systems to flush their vast amounts of toilets. It makes […]

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Large Modern Cruise Ship

Bespoke Versatile Electronic Controller for Tank Chemical Dosing and Emptying

The automation of tasks is a great time and cost-saving activity. When that automation also leads to greater customer comfort and ensured environmental protection you really are adding value. However, when you are an industry leader but in a niche sector, the solution to your particular requirements may not have been invented yet. An electronic […]

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Dosing and Mixing Control System

Dosing/Mixing Tank Level Controller The 3P DTC200 Tank Controller manages the filling, chemical dosing, agitation, reaction and emptying of a tank in a continuous cycle or on demand to a pre-set level and then activates a dosing pump with a known flow rate (usually peristaltic or diaphragm) for a set duration. Once this duration expires […]

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Break Tank Level Controller

Break Tank Level Controller The TDSR23024AC is a compact mains powered control module aimed at the OEM market and designed to control the rapid filling of a small tank accurately, with a failsafe shut-off/alert function, and at minimal cost. It is ideal for break tank, booster tank, or header tank systems. A variety of sensors […]

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Tank Level Warning Display

3P RCALM Series Display The 3P RCALM Series Display Panels provide a highly effective low water level warning for water tanks. Alternatively float switch wiring can be reversed on the RCALM 1 and 2 Series panels to provide a high level warning instead. Choose from a visible (light), or audible (repeating buzzer) alert or both. […]

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