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Water at different levels

Water Tank Level Control – Distilled Water

A customer approached us to find an elegant solution to their distilled water tank level control problem. Our client has a 100L break tank that needs to be topped up with distilled water when the level in the tank dropped to about 25%. As they are using DI water, they were not able to use […]

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Water Pump Inverter helps maintain pressure not matter how many taps you have open

What is a water pump inverter and other FAQs

The 3P Technik UK Technical team has a wealth of knowledge about how to move and control water from place to place in different situations from domestic to commercial. In many larger or complex installations a water pump inverter is a key part of the design. “What is a water pump inverter?” and “How does […]

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Large Modern Cruise Ship

Bespoke Versatile Electronic Controller for Tank Chemical Dosing and Emptying

The automation of tasks is a great time and cost-saving activity. When that automation also leads to greater customer comfort and ensured environmental protection you really are adding value. However, when you are an industry leader but in a niche sector, the solution to your particular requirements may not have been invented yet. An electronic […]

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