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Large Modern Cruise Ship

Bespoke Versatile Electronic Controller for Tank Chemical Dosing and Emptying

The automation of tasks is a great time and cost-saving activity. When that automation also leads to greater customer comfort and ensured environmental protection you really are adding value. However, when you are an industry leader but in a niche sector, the solution to your particular requirements may not have been invented yet. An electronic […]

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Specialist Pumps

Our specialist pumps suit a range of different requirements. Pumps for different applications: low voltage pumps, low pressure pumps for tank transfer, pumps that can work with sea water and oil pumps. Our automatic pumps have built in pressure control, anti-blocking system, leak detection and dry run protection with automatic restart. If you need help […]

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Coronavirus Update - Potential Delays to Shipping read more .... Last day for dispatch before Christmas is 16th December. We are closed on 17th December 2020. Open on the 4th January 2021. Shipping from the 5th of January.