Bespoke Versatile Electronic Controller for Tank Chemical Dosing and Emptying

The automation of tasks is a great time and cost-saving activity. When that automation also leads to greater customer comfort and ensured environmental protection you really are adding value. However, when you are an industry leader but in a niche sector, the solution to your particular requirements may not have been invented yet.

Large Cruise Ship

An electronic controller that automatically manages the filling, chemical dosing, reacting delay and emptying of the wastewater processing tanks on board large ships and yachts? That works while the marine vessel is at sea and the multi-task cycle only begins when the tank reaches a set effluent level? It is exactly with this kind of list of requirements that 3P Technik UK Ltd excels in providing bespoke and economical electronic controller solutions for.

Working with an international cleaning-liquid product provider for the marine sector, we designed a highly configurable electronic controller to automate their wastewater tank processes. The tanks hold the liquid component of waste generated by the toilets on board the vessel.

DTC200 Dosing Tank Controller for Tank Chemical Dosing and Emptying

DTC200 Dosing Tank Controller for Tank Chemical Dosing and Emptying

Simply put, the controller manages the pumping of liquid waste into the processing tank until full, then activates a progressive cavity pump to add a fixed quantity of their super-concentrated (and eco-friendly) chemicals to the waste water tank. Next a mechanical agitator is activated to mix the chemical into the waste water until the chemical reaction is complete, so a delay is built into the software before allowing a discharge pump to empty the tank. Reed Switch type mini float sensors are installed in the tank which monitor the waste water level reliably. When the tank is empty the cycle repeats.

There is no upper time limit to the filling or emptying functions so the system can function on an automated on-demand basis. This ensures that the pumps and dosing chemicals are only used when required.

We built in adjustable time delays for dosing and reaction (from 1 to 240 minutes). This vital setting is fully adjustable via an LCD interface so that the company can use one controller across different tank sizes (and therefore different sizes of marine vessels). A countdown timer is shown on the controller display.

Not all chemical treatment systems require the use of an agitator (whether that is a circulating pump, paddle mixer, or aerator), so the use of the agitator output on the electronic controller is optional. This output can also be set to run during specified parts of the cycle (also set via the easy to use LCD).

All four outputs are 230v at 10amps allowing direct connection of most single phase pumps, valves and mixing devices without the need for additional output relays.

High and low level alarms are also provided which will activate a non-volt relay for remote monitoring of faults.

Tom, 3P Technik UK’s Lead Engineer says ”This electronic control unit is not dedicated to wastewater and can be used to automate any multi-process task in which an additive is to be mixed into a solution, such as dilution of concentrates, pigments, etc.”

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