Water Tank Level Control – Distilled Water

A customer approached us to find an elegant solution to their distilled water tank level control problem. Our client has a 100L break tank that needs to be topped up with distilled water when the level in the tank dropped to about 25%.

As they are using DI water, they were not able to use resistance-based sensors.

Ideally, they were looking for a DIN mounted unit and had both 240VAC and 24VDC available.

Distilled Water Level Tank Control

Distilled Water Tank Level Control

We were able to provide a solution for the DI water tank level control which combined the Mac3 Electroprobe (to give a differential level switch in a DIN rail module) with 2 Reed Switches to define the levels.

DIN Rail Mounted Level Controller with Alarms – Electroprobe DB

DIN mounted Electroprobe

As mac3 Uk we offer and stock both 24v and 220/240v options of the Mac3 Electroprobe range. The Electroprobe DB has a high and low level alarm too. Whereas the Electroprobe Q is a basic version without the alarm (it simply maintains the level between two probes set at different heights).

The customer ordered the 24v version the Electroprobe Q, to maximise safety on site. They also ordered Reed Switches and are now happily filling their break tank with DI water automatically with a high level alarm.

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