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Smart Rainwater Harvesting to help Prevent Floods

How smart rainwater harvesting (with a water butt or large above-ground water tank) can play its part to slow the flow of stormwater and help prevent floods and in particular overflow from sewers. Floods are again making the news in the UK as Storm Ciara brought heavy rainfall to parts of the north and west […]

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Alana Water Butt – 160 Litres

The Alana is a beautiful Water Butt Planter. The Alana’s unique surface design makes this water butt really impress. The integrated planting space at the top is approximately 27cm deep. Therefore allowing for gravel or stones at the base of the chamber for drainage (if required). Available in three stunning colour finishes: Slate Grey Granite […]

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Norway Water Butt – 230 Litres

With a highly realistic, deeply grained matt finish modelled on real wooden shingles and Nordic spruce. The Norway offers a compact, space-saving form and small footprint. Suitable for use in even the smallest gardens, the Norway will stand against walls, fences, or garden sheds. Capacity 230 Litres Dimensions Height: 130 cm x Diameter: 60 cm x Depth: 40 cm […]

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Rainbowl Flower – 150 Litres

The Rainbowl Flower puts nature back into the urban environment. Based on the vase style on the Rainbowl but with added planting space on top, the Flower is a gardener’s new best friend. Available in three stunning colour finishes: Slate Blue Grey Granite Taupe The Granite finish has a subtle fleck in the colour which […]

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