The Best Filters for Rainwater Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Filters 3P Technik UK

The Rainwater filters from 3P Technik that are most suitable for Rainwater Irrigation Systems include:

When investigating rainwater harvesting systems and water storage methods for agriculture, it is important to filter rainwater before it is stored. Removing the biological load before rainwater is stored in an above ground or below ground rainwater storage tank reduces the likelyhood of algal growth and other biological activity. This helps maintain water quality. It also protects pumps and downstream infrastructure.

These rainwater filters can be installed either within a chamber before the rainwater storage tank or in the tank turret. The connection capacities vary by filter design from roof areas 200m2 to 1200m2.

With the exception of the new Flat Filter, the two upper connections can be used as inlets, or one can be used as an emergency overflow. The bottom connection(s) is the outlet to the storage tank, often via a Calmed Inlet. The new Flat Filter has one inlet and one outlet.

These are mainly basket or retention filters.

Debris will build up in the baskets. The collected material is ideal to put into a compost heap. Filters should be inspected several times during the year, and emptied depending on the solid loading.

The integrated filter baskets are easily removed with a removal handle.

The water in the tank may discolour slightly with chlorophyll and plant materials passing into the tank. This is why these types of filters are not suitable for in-house systems.

The Basket Rainwater Filters for Rainwater Irrigation Systems are 100% efficient, as no water passes to waste.