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Simple Hydrograph

Smart Rainwater Harvesting to help Prevent Floods

How smart rainwater harvesting (with a water butt or large above-ground water tank) can play its part to slow the flow of stormwater and help prevent floods and in particular overflow from sewers. Floods are again making the news in the UK as Storm Ciara brought heavy rainfall to parts of the north and west […]

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Irrigation Filters 3P Technik UK

The Best Filters for Rainwater Irrigation Systems

The Rainwater filters from 3P Technik that are most suitable for Rainwater Irrigation Systems include: 1000600 – Garden Filter, 1000630 – Retention Filter, 1000250 – Flat Filter (NEW), 1000671 – Garden Filter XL, 1000675 – Retention Filter XL. When investigating rainwater harvesting systems and water storage methods for agriculture, it is important to filter rainwater […]

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QuickStop Valves

Our range of QuickStop Valves are designed as a replacement to conventional ballcock valves in water tanks to protect booster pumps, the QuickStop goes instantly from fully open to fully closed. If you need help selecting your QuickStop Valves or need a custom design system, Contact us.

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Our range of inverters are compact, highly efficient, quiet and a reliable solution for domestic, and light commercial applications. We have air or water cooled versions with pump control from 1hp to 15hp depending on model. If you need help selecting your inverter or need something custom design system, Contact us.

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